Bitdeer Announces Completion and Successful Validation of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD H100 System

March 18, 2024

Singapore, March 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR), a leading provider of blockchain and high-performance computing solutions, announced today that it has completed the deployment and successful testing of its NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD H100 system ahead of schedule, becoming the first cloud service platform in the Asian region to offer NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD H100 service.

“We are delighted to announce the early completion of our NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD deployment,” said Louis Xu, Director of Bitdeer's AI Cloud. “As an NVIDIA Cloud Partner, our professional technical capabilities and close team collaboration have enabled us to quickly complete a series of processes such as procurement, deployment, testing, and verification, allowing us to launch the SuperPOD service ahead of schedule. This marks an important step for Bitdeer AI Cloud in providing advanced computing resources and services, meeting the growing needs of customers for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and significantly promoting the rapid development of AI technology and applications.”

The Bitdeer AI Cloud is dedicated to meeting the high-performance computing needs for AI training, inference, and large-scale data processing, representing the core business of Bitdeer Group in this field. Its first NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD H100 system combines NVIDIA's top hardware, software, and networking technology to offer a scalable, efficient, and easily deployable solution. Moreover, by integrating the NVIDIA AI Enterprise, Bitdeer AI Cloud can provide a comprehensive solution for HPC and AI applications to enterprises, research institutions, and government agencies across various sectors, effectively meeting their needs in this domain.

Bitdeer’s collaboration with NVIDIA leverages NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPU processing capabilities specifically designed for large language models (LLMs) and complex computational tasks across various industries, including finance, education, technology, and healthcare. With the launch of its AI Cloud, Bitdeer empowers organizations to:

  • ● Accelerate Workflows: Achieve faster results and streamline processes to boost productivity.
  • ● Unlock New Possibilities: Explore innovative AI applications previously limited by processing power.
  • ● Democratize Access to AI: Provide access to NVIDIA's supercomputing capabilities, making AI adoption more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

This successful deployment signifies an important milestone in Bitdeer's dedication to delivering cutting-edge high-performance computing solutions that support organizations across Asia to achieve business transformation. Their scalable infrastructure ensures optimal performance while adapting to evolving business needs. Bitdeer’s team is readily available to discuss and tailor solutions that align with your unique business goals.

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